Friday, April 26, 2013

Traversing the Universe but Missing LA, While Coming Up Green, and Visiting Tim Nero's Studio

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Computer Screen Reflection out my Door in the "Tangles"

One evening, a few weeks ago, as I peeked out my back door to call in my dogs, I
noticed my computer screen  reflected on the rectangular glass surrounded by "veins"
of  honeysuckle vine.  I ran for my camera to imprint an image that intrigued me.
As I "travel my internal universe"  and attempt to traverse what is happening around
me and in the world at large, I often feel I am in the tangles of mystery of how to live
a life - a good life.  I struggle with a place in the world as an artist and as a peaceful
person walking the earth.

The recent bombings in Boston stopped my heart. My father, sister, brother-in-law and
nephew live in and around Boston, a city I know well since I was a resident for eight
years.   Yet the will to make sense of "impossible to understand" circumstances as
well as the magical curiosities that surround us, bring us back to a humanity that is worthy
 and lead us to new ventures, people, and incite. That, I suppose, is called living.

Swimming in a Hot Tub of Intrigue and Curiosity
And as life  moves along so does the twists and turns of ebb and flow.  Yesterday, Bill and
I had planned to fly to LA for a week of art, architecture, and beach time.  Our trip came to
a big "blowing of the nose" halt the night before, because I came down with a horrendous
cold.  I was so disappointed that my body was not cooperating with the "plan".  I had been
very excited to venture into a city I do not know.  It has been cold and very windy here in
the East Mountains for much of April and I was looking forward to warmer weather and
a sandy beach and ocean waves.

Awaking the next morning, I felt a  mysterious sense of peace and tranquility.  Green had
appeared with trees and plants suddenly blooming.  The air was warm, and the sun
showed up with just a small breeze. Ziggy's beautiful Spring coat was giving him his
very handsome look and I felt so happy to be home with my animals with no particular
plans except to nurture my health.   It was a surprising and quite unexpected feeling.
Magic appears at the most needed moments.

A Little Blue and Green

Frog Guardian
Artists enjoy visiting each others studio's, but often good intentions are thwarted by all
kinds of time constraints and busy schedules.  Timothy Nero and I decided to make a
determined effort to get together at his home and studio.  Last weekend, Bill and I drove
to Glorieta, a town southeast of Santa Fe, to see Timothy and his wife, Trish.  As we
approached the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and Santa Fe, a a stunning display of rolling
dark clouds and pelting rain dramatized our trip and reminded me of how the skies in the
West create their own "theater in the sky".

Theater in the Sky
The mystery of New Mexico is off a county road, onto narrow dirt lanes that lead to
immensely interesting living environments that are buffeted and hidden by natural
phenomena such as forest land, mesa, or arroyo.   Timothy and Trish's cleared land is
found off such a lane surrounded by forest that provides privacy and a sense of seclusion.
We parked at the studio and were warmly greeted by Timothy, Trish, and the weekend
visiting dog. It was exciting to step into Timothy's studio and view all the "going's on"
of an artist/alchemist experimenting with materials and "potions" that brought forth often
humorous and personal work.  His sense of freedom to experiment with ideas and materials
allows him to venture into unknown worlds of delight and oddity.  I was fascinated!


          Mixed Media Relief Diptyk                          Painting Mixed Media                                             Drawing on Paper                                                    

Bill, Trish, and Timothy in Tim's Studio

Trish is an amazing person - a holistic nurse, artist, and "jack of all trades".  While building
their house from a four car garage into a splendid two story home with sauna and
steam room (to be finished), Trish learned all the skills necessary to build me a house!
Her mixed media art work is full of inquiry and innovation that combine disparate
materials on a single surface.

Bill and I had a wonderful afternoon with Tim and Trish.  Please visit Timothy's web site at
Http://  His work has the Wow of an honest and delightful artist "talking to"
and taking in the world, but not too seriously.

As I end my post for the month of April (just under the wire), I want to acknowledge the
gifts and love my mother has given me as we approach the first anniversary of her death,
May 1, 2013.  These include, her love of nature, quirky individualism, smarts, enthusiasm,
and sensitivities (sometimes too many) .  I miss our talks each day and continue to go to
the phone to tell her about my news and upheavals in the world. Happy Early Mother's
Day, Ma!

Anita Georgia Rolnick


  1. A thoughtful and evocative tribute to a life being lived well and with grace.

  2. Thank you so much, Diane. Your comments are thoughtful and supportive. I appreciate your input.