Friday, October 4, 2013

Rock'in the Good on a Whisper Walk, Work'in the Art Life, The Great "De-Frazzler"

On the Whisper Walk
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My Interview on Santa Fe Creative Tourism by Luke Fannin:

The Whisper Walk
Ah, life can be so hectic, busy, commanding of time in the "should do" category. Some periods run amok as we attempt to "do all that we can do".  I was having such a week.  I received a rejection from an art project I thought would include me; my horse was diagnosed with Pigeon Fever (a bacterial infection that eventually will have to be lanced-poor boy-which comes with a rather a large bill); I lost my checkbook; I am fighting time with all my projects that need to be finished or move along more quickly; and finally, the Walmart Lady yelled at me for having 27 items instead of 20 in my cart.   I promised myself I would not mention (the government shutdown).

So I took a "Whisper Walk" to calm the person of me whose overwhelmedness was straining my "me relationship".  I wanted to listen and hear the whispers 
of nature and my own inner voice surrounded by sky, earth, and growing forms.  It was a calm and cloudless day in the East Mountains with sun warming human and earth in a place of great quiet.  My camera was tasked to document, as I explored the scattered presence of wildflowers, chamisa, and scraggly things.    

Scraggly Things
Walking past my neighbors property, I was greeted by Denny and Molly, Ziggy Starman's fellow compatriots, grazing peacefully and happy to visit with me.  
The equines, ever curious, touch my heart and fill me with great joy as they
live each moment with full attention and focus. What great guides!

Denny Greeting
Touches of wildflowers appeared at random moments.  They cheered me and 
greeted me.

My Whisper Walk allowed me to breathe and focus on the physical world at my doorstep. My brain rested and woke to nature wonder.  The me of mine showed up to explore and enjoy as I walked and heard the soft voices of earth and soul speaking.

Mind to Work
We artists are creatures of perpetual creative havoc.  The mind continually flows towards ideas and "witchy" places that intrigue and torment the creator to keep up the pace. I find myself desperately holding onto time as hours and days fly by in my attempt to finish my large Marina Semyonova pieces, develop new work through my I-Pad and WiFi printer (that will also be used for a new workshop), continue my mixed-media Photoshop imagery, apply to art or job opportunities, and keep up internet sites and contacts.  
The whirling dervish in me is on speed dial.  Yet, the excitement of chasing the often illusive idea is an innate challenge and act of living for an artist. 

Joy Series, Digital Mixed-Media from I-Pad Manipulation and Monotypes

I was fortunate to have Luke Fannin write a wonderful piece about my work 
and art process for Creative Santa Fe.  Luke is a fabulous writer who 
listens and writes with a sensitive ear and hand. The link is listed above. 

A Goat of a "De-Frazzler"
Pogo is a great "de-frazzler".  She was born during difficult circumstances 
and nursed to health by my friends, Deb and Chuck.  I met her when she was
a couple of weeks old, living in Debs kitchen, sleeping on a small cat pillow
with baby gates to pen her from wandering.  She was a tiny thing and 
had won her fight for life with an incredible spirit.  Bill and I went to visit
last weekend and had a fabulous time with this little Nigerian who at 5
months old, owns the world.  She adores being held and scratched and 
thinks humans are the next best thing to food.  She shines up the world
and lifts the spirits.  How great is that?


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